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Vincent Cassel (born November 23 1966) is a French actor.


Born in Paris, he is the son of French actor Jean-Pierre Cassel and is married to Monica Bellucci, with whom he is expecting their first child in late 2004.


Vincent Cassel is a famous French actor and is known for tough guy roles. His breakthrough role was in Mathieu Kassovitz’s critically acclaimed film La Haine where he played a troubled youth from the decrepit outskirts of Paris. Cassel has gone on to act in a variety of films such as the moody L’Appartement, the violent Dobermann , genre-bending Le Pacte des Loups and in the highly controversial Irréversible.


Cassel has also done a few English language films, such as Birthday Girl, Elizabeth and Shrek (as the voice of Monsieur Hood).