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Tom Everett Scott portrays Will Froman, a smart, snappy  young lawyer whose patented charm pales only in comparison to his ambition.  Froman bogarts his way into Kathleen’s practice when her partner reaches a mental breaking point during her trial summation on the new drama series "Philly."


          Scott has developed a reputation as one of the industry’s most versatile young actors.  His feature film credits include "The Boiler Room" for New Line Cinema featuring Ben Affleck and Giovanni Ribisi,  Paramount Pictures/MTV Films’ "Dead Man on Campus," Universal’s "One True Thing" featuring Meryl Streep and Renee Zelwegger, "The Love Letter" opposite Kate Capshaw and Ellen DeGeneres for Dreamworks, as well as MGM and Showtime’s "Inherit the Wind," opposite the legendary actors George C. Scott and Jack Lemmon.  Scott can also be seen in the independent films, "River Red," which he also produced, "Top of the Food Chain," opposite Campbell Scott, and "Attraction," opposite Gretchen Mol and Samantha Mathis.


          Scott captured Hollywood’s attention with his portrayal of Guy "Shades" Patterson, the soulful drummer in Fox’ "That Thing You Do!" which also marked Tom Hanks’ film directorial debut.  In addition, he starred opposite Jule Delpy in Hollywood Pictures’ "An American Werewolf in Paris," which was directed by Anthony Waller.