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Although Steve Guttenberg is firmly established as the star not only of hit motion pictures, but of hit motion picture franchises, his roots are firmly in the theatre. As result, he has moved effortlessly between comedy and drama. His first film as director/producer/co-screenwriter/star, not surprisingly, will be the adaptation of a Broadway hit, the classic stage comedy/drama, P.S. Your Cat is Deadby the late James Kirkwood, co-author of A Chorus Line The searing black comedy with its frank exploration of sexual role-playing, has lured and defied filmmakers for a quarter of a century.


In two decades of stardom in both critical and box office hits, Guttenberg has been the above-the-title star of six films that earned over $100,000,000 in the United States, a feat accomplished by relatively few superstars. He has also starred in four film franchises, appearing in such sequeled smash hits as Cocoon, Three Men and a Baby, Police Academy and Short Circuit, taking his films’ box-office grosses into the billions.


The comic timing and charm with which he illuminated those films and the dramatic invention which he displayed in such other major successes as Diner, Bedroom Window, The Boys From Brazil and a string of historic television films all derive from his firm theatre training. His studies, which include years with famed teacher Herbert Berghof and with one of the most fertile schools of improvisational comedy, The Groundlings, took him to such renowned theatres as the Helen Hayes on Broadway where he created the lead role in Prelude To A Kiss and The Comedy in London’s West End where he starred in The Boys Next Door. He recently won stage kudos again in the world premiere production of Furthest From the Sun, which Woody Harrelson directed and co-authored. Guttenberg has carved as vivid a body of work on TV as on the big screen. His television films include the critically acclaimed Miracle On Ice, To Race With The Wind, Something For Joey and the controversial nuclear holocaust picture, The Day After, which seventeen years after its original airing remains the highest-rated made-for-television movie in history.