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Scott Richard Wolf was born a Gemini on June 4th, 1968 in Boston, Massachusetts. His nickname is “Scooter". Scott has an older brother (Michael), a younger brother (Gary), and a sister (Jessica). Scott’s father, Steven Wolf, is a health-care executive, and his mother, Susan Enowitch, is a 54 year-old drug-abuse counsellor in Dover, NJ. As it happens, Steven and Susan were divorced in 1973.        


After growing up and going to high school in West Orange, New Jersey, Scott thought he had figured out a simple course for his life: he went off to college at George Washington University and earned his undergraduate degree in Finance. While there, he reportedly served a term as president of the GWU chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity (though this information is as yet unconfirmed).        


However, Clint Brady, a friend of Scott’s father and a former thespian who thought Scott had an actor’s potential, then suggested Scott try his hand at acting. Before making his way to Hollywood for his first audition, Scott attended the HB Studio in New York, and continued developing his talents with Robert Carnegie and Jeff Goldblum at Playhouse West in California (initially moving to Santa Monica at the age of 22).Scott, now a home-owner, drives a Toyota 4-Runner and recently moved from his rented Laurel Canyon house near Los Angeles, California, that he shared with his younger brother Gary. Gary is a musician, and his band (Stickball), recorded a song that was used in an episode of Party of Five during the show’s second season.