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He is one of the most intense actors on the Hollywood scene - one of the guys everyone wants to work with, but does so warily. Just as his movie career has swung back and forth from ‘nice guy’ roles to some of the screen’s most lasting psychopaths, Russell Crowe’s personality is a shifting landscape of emotions. He is a paradox - always preceded by contrasting stories of his kindness and extreme callousness. What is never in question however, is his talent.


Although he was raised in Australia from the age of 4 onward, Crowe was actually born in New Zealand on April 7th, 1964. His parents, Alex and Jocelyn, worked as innkeepers and caterers for the most part. The family lived a very bohemian lifestyle, as they were constantly on the move. Russell did not enjoy a permanent home until the age of fourteen. His folks often worked on movie and television sets, catering food. Before long, a young Russell was doing walk-ons and bit parts in productions.


When he hit his teen years though, it was not acting which drove Crowe, but rather music. He fancied himself a rock musician, and after assuming the identity of Russ Le Roc, set about making name of himself. While not playing music, he worked part time as a waiter and bartender. Eventually, Crowe would give up on his Russ Le Roc persona. Instead, he formed a new rock group with some friends which they dubbed Roman Antix, which later evolved into 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. Russell still plays in the band when he has time off.