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Roman Polanski is one of the most controversial contemporary directors in Cinema History. His name has become synonymous with events from his personal life, which in fact have at times detracted and taken precedence from his work as a filmmaker.


Roman has created films that unnerve and horrify the viewer such as “Rosemary’s baby” and “The Tenant", as well as the masterpiece “Chinatown” starring, Jack Nicholson. He also directed the comedy vampire movie “Dance of the Vampires (also known as The Fearless Vampire Killers) and the period drama “Tess” based on the novel by Thomas Hardy starring, Nastassja Kinski. Both of these films exude a haunting yet luminous beauty.


As a filmmaker he is exceptional in his ability to produce works with a disturbing mood and atmosphere of suspense that is impossible to replicate. His hallmark is to utilize seemingly everyday events and situations and then expose the undercurrent of evil that lies beneath; he explores the thin line between madness and sanity with compelling expertise and intuitive mastery.


Roman Polanski was born to Polish parents in Paris 1933. They moved to Krakow, Poland, when Roman was still a toddler. Roman grew up in a constricted communist environment; however, he had a highly creative intellect and created his own exceptional world of fantasy. His imagination was the key that helped him overcome the horror of War in Europe.


Whenever Roman had a chance to visit the theatre he had no uncertainties that one day he would appear on centre stage or behind the camera as a director, Roman was an incredibly confident child with grand aspirations.