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NAME: Robert Mitchum
BORN: 06/08/1917
BIRTH PLACE: Connecticut, USA
DIED: 01/07/1997


As a boy, Mitchum was frequently in trouble, and left home whilst still in his teens. Mitchum was famous for fabricating fantastic tales about his life, claiming to have once escaped from a Georgia chain gang.


In 1940 Mitchum married Dorothy Spence. They moved to California, and he found work with Lockheed Aircraft. His next job was with the Long Beach Theatre Guild, and this led to his becoming a movie extra and bit player, primarily in war movies and Westerns.


His supporting role in ‘The Human Comedy’ (1943) led to a contract with RKO. Two years later, he starred in ‘The Story of G.I. Joe’ and earned his first and only Oscar nomination. Up to that point, Mitchum had been considered little more than a “beefcake” actor. He was also drafted that year, and served eight months in the military.