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Name: Richmond Barthe                                                               
Born: 28 January 1901                                                               
Died: 5 Narch 1989                                                                 
James Richmond Barthe (January 28, 1901 - March 5, 1989) was an African American   
sculptor recognized as one of the foremost sculptors of his generation, and is     
known for his many public works, including the Toussaint L'Ouverture Monument in   
Port-au-Prince, Haiti and a sculpture of Rose McClendon for Frank Lloyd Wright's   
Fallingwater House.                                                                 
Barthe once said that all my life I have be interested in trying to capture the     
spiritual quality I see and feel in people, and I feel that the human figure as     
God made it, is the best means of expressing this spirit in man.