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Ray Romano admits that he always knew he could make his friends laugh, but he never really gave stand-up comedy any serious thought until one fateful open-mic night at a New York comedy club in 1984. He did well, the bug bit hard, and Romano was smitten. After stints at odd jobs, including futon mattress delivery boy and bank teller by day, and journeyman comedian by night, he decided to leave the 9-5 ranks and pursue comedy full-time, eventually winning a stand-up comedy competition sponsored by a major New York radio station that same year.


Following that success, he continued to regularly appear at comedy clubs throughout the country, leading to appearances on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" and then with Jay Leno. He was eventually invited to appear on "Late Night with David Letterman." That night, Letterman, recognizing something very unique in Romano’s persona, offered him a development deal with his production company, Worldwide Pants. Through that association, the CBS hit, "Everybody Loves Raymond" was born.


Ray has not only gone on to star in his own television series, but to perform at the White House Correspondents Dinner for President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, and headline the Toyota Comedy Festival at Carnegie Hall. Among his numerous television appearances, he has hosted "Saturday Night Live," and appeared on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," winning $125,000 for charity. Romano’s additional television credits include, "HBO Comedy Half-Hour: Ray Romano," "The HBO 15th Annual Young Comedians Special" and "Dr, Katz: Professional Therapist." Ray recently made his big screen debut as the voice of "Manny" the wholly mammoth, in the 20th Century Fox smash hit, "Ice Age." Ray also stars in the upcoming features "Eulogy," and "Welcome To Mooseport," with Gene Hackman.