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Birth Name : Oded Fehr
Date of birth : 23 November 1970
Location : Tel Aviv, Israel


The seeming embodiment of the old cliché “tall, dark, and handsome,” Israeli-born actor Oded Fehr has the worldly handsome looks that perfectly suited him for his breakthrough role of mysterious desert warrior Ardeth Bay in the 1999 blockbuster The Mummy. Born to European parents in Tel Aviv in November of 1970, Fehr served a three-year tenure in the Israeli Navy before relocating to Frankfurt, Germany, to work in business with his father. Enrolling in a few minor acting classes as a fluke, Fehr would take a role in playwright David Mamet’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago before later deciding to cement his thespian tendencies with a three-year stay at the Bristol Old Vic in London.


Not surprisingly taking on such stage roles as Don Juan in Don Juan Comes Back From War, Fehr was a familiar face to U.K. television audiences with his roles in The Knock and Killer Net in 1998 before his breakthrough in Hollywood. Also turning up as a male gigolo in SNL alumni Rob Schneider’s Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo the following year, Fehr would later appear in American television with Cleopatra (1999) and Arabian Nights following his success in The Mummy.


Not surprisingly returning to his role in that film’s 2001 sequel, The Mummy Returns, the multi-lingual actor would become a permanent fixture on the small screen when he joined the cast of U.C. Undercover in 2001. Proving that his sense of humor was as healthy as his good looks, Fehr joined fellow Mummy cast member Arnold Vosloo in spoofing the film and its sequel at the 2001 MTV Movie Awards.