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NAME: Noah Wyle
BORN: 04/06/1971
BIRTH PLACE: California, USA


Noah Wyle became interested in acting in high school, after he participated in a theatre-arts program at Northwestern University. After graduating, he became determined to pursue acting as a career, beginning his studies under the direction of Larry Moss.


Wyle won his first professional role in the NBC mini-series ‘Blind Faith’. He then landed the part of a son in a dysfunctional family, in his first feature film, ‘Crooked Hearts’.


In 1990 he worked on the unreleased ‘There Goes My Baby’. Unfortunately he remained unemployed for the next year, but his big break came when he was offered a role in the box-office hit ‘A Few Good Men’. He then appeared in the film ‘Swing Kids’, where he played a leader in the Hitler Youth, and in ‘The Myth of Fingerprints’.