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Matt LeBlanc was born on July 25, 1967 in Newton, Massachusetts. As a kid, he was not very interested in acting. He preferred motorcycling. After receiving his first motorcycle at age 8, LeBlanc started participating in various amateur competitions with hopes of racing professionally. He soon ran into a roadblock: his mother, who forced him to find a different outlet for his talents. LeBlanc trained for a career in carpentry, but aspired to incorporate artistic elements to it.


After graduating from high school, he set his sights on making a life for himself in New York City. By 1987, LeBlanc had obtained parts in national television commercials for such products as Levi’s 501 jeans, Coca-Cola, and Doritos. He also appeared in a Heinz catsup spot that won the prestigious Gold Lion Award at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival.


In 1988, LeBlanc started formal acting training. Within a year, he landed a starring role in the television series “TV 101,” and moved to Los Angeles. LeBlanc also guest-starred on the cable series “Red Shoe Diaries".


LeBlanc is currently engaged to model Melissa McKnight and is living with his dog, Lady.