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Matt Damon was born October 8th, 1970 in Cambridge Massachusetts. He, and best friend Ben Affleck began acting at a young age in commercials. They also delighted in signing up to be extras in films being shot in and around Boston. Damon had a privileged upbringing and went on to attend Harvard University where he studied English Literature. However, with a scant twelve credits left, the acting bug completely overtook him and he was off to Los Angeles to pursue a career. Damon had already had some small successes, most notably a role in School Ties, a film which starred several other up-and-comers, Ben Affleck, Chris O’Donnell and Brendan Fraser, but much greater things were to come.


The Hollywood establishment has always been an “old boys” network, and it has never been easy for a young and up and comer to break through to the big time. When it does happens however, the whole world knows about it. In the case of Matt Damon, the hype has been incredible. His breakaway success only began a mere few years ago but he has since gone on to become one of the most influential forces in Hollywood.


Soon after his move to California, Damon landed some important roles in TNT features and made some important friends amongst his costars Gene Hackman, Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall. This all led to Matt being cast in Courage Under Fire as an army officer who is haunted by his memories of the Gulf War. He won accolades for his performance and managed to impress director Francis Ford Coppola enough for him to cast Damon in The Rainmaker.


Damon’s role in The Rainmaker really launched his career and made him a household name. Not long after came Good Will Hunting, a movie Damon wrote with Ben Affleck. The two won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for their script, and Damon earned a nomination for Best Actor as well. Obviously, the “old boy” establishment had taken notice.


Since Good Will Hunting, Damon has become one of the most likeable and hardworking actors in Hollywood. Gone are the “stud-muffin” roles of yore, he now has the ability to demand quality work. Matt’s career breakthrough came at the perfect time; at the cusp between teen stardom and adult superstardom. He was able to move reliably and safely into a very promising future. A future which has already begun to take shape with quality roles in such films as Rounders and Saving Private Ryan.