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Leonard Nimoy was born in Boston, Mass’, USA  on March 26th 1931. His parents, Dora and Max Nimoy already had a three year old son called Melvin. Dora and Max were Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine. Dora was a housewife and Max owned his own Barbers shop.


Leonard Nimoy was educated at Boston English High School.


Leonard first  appeared on stage in a production of “Hansel and Gretel” at the age of 8, and continued to appear in amateur shows until he was 18, when he left home to travel to California to begin his career in earnest.


After only one year in Hollywood, and only just 20, he landed the lead role in a movie “Kid Monk Baroni”


He met Sandy Zober and they married in 1954 while Leonard was serving in the US army. They have two children, Julie (1955) and Adam (1956).


Leonard continued his career, supplementing his income with various jobs including driving cabs and working in fast food outlets.