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Born July 10, 1980, in Dallas, Texas, this sexy 5′ 3″ recording star and singer displays a hard core attitude in her performances. Jessica has a younger sister named Ashlee. Her father, who is a psychologist, manages her career, and her mother designs her wardrobe and assists in the business affairs. Jessica first developed and nurtured her talent in the local Baptist church, where her father also works as the congregation’s youth minister.


While at church camp, at the age of 13, Jessica sang Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and an arrangement of “Amazing Grace". One of the camp’s visitors, a gentleman who was launching a gospel record label saw great promise and profits in her voice. Jessica began to tour with Christian youth conferences with tunes like “True Love Waits", sometimes entertaining audiences of 20,000 people.


Jessica is boldly traveling down several fresh new musical avenues. In addition to offering more of the lush, passionate ballads that have become her signature, she has effectively expanded her creative styles. This includes ebullient rhythm pop and sultry R&B and is a collection of funk-fortified songs and sophisticated contemporary ballads. Jessica has the finesse and confidence of a well seasoned performer.


Jessica says she is part of a positive new breed of teenager and youths who welcome responsibility and propriety. In school, Jessica hung with a crowd that was popular and respected, and she was elected Homecoming Queen two years in a row at J.J. Pierce High School.


Jessica’s relationship with her fans is of tremendous importance to her. “They keep me going. They inspire me. I do all I can to keep in close touch with the fans who support my music, whether it be via my shows or on the Internet. The energy I get from them is extraordinary.”


Jessica states, “That’s what I really wanted to come across on these songs, confidence". Jessica notes, “I wanted to show that with that inner strength and inner light, nothing is impossible.” That said, Jessica admits that she does occasionally enjoy flexing a little external heat… even if it’s completely innocent. “There’s a cut on the album, ‘Hot Like Fire’, that I think will take people by surprise", she says of the self-assured hip-hop-flavored cut produced by Cory Rooney. “It’s a hard-core ‘attitude’ song. You might not even recognize my voice at first. It’s totally raw and intense. It’s a shake-your-hips kind of song. I love it.”