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Jeremy Michael London was born November 7th,1972, in San Diego, California, to Frank (a construction worker) and Debborah (a waitress). He was mainly brought up in DeSoto, Texas,although, after divorcing their father, his mother moved the children 13 times in 6 years. He has an identical twin brother, older by 27 minutes, Jason.They are both actors but whereas Jeremy is mostly a TV actor, Jason has opted for a career in feature films.


His first audition was for a part in a 1991 film “The Man In The Moon” which his brother Jason got, leaving Jeremy the part of his brother’s stunt double. He also had a younger sister, Deidre, who was killed in a car accident that year, leaving behind a baby son and devasted brothers. Jeremy London became a household name playing the part of Griffin in the successful series “Party Of Five".He has since played in many TV serials, TV movies and feature films with success. He has directed a documentary about the hazards of smoking, with the help of dr.Wingand, following the loss of family members to cancer of the lungs. He was arrested in the spring of 2004 for alledgedly driving with a suspended liscence and for carrying controlled substances. He resides in Los Angeles.