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Birth Name : Jensen Ross Ackles
Date of birth :1 March 1978
Location : Dallas, Texas, USA


Boyishly handsome Texan Jensen Ackles began his career at age four, modeling in print and TV ads for Wal-Mart, Nabisco and Radio Shack, but didn’t begin to fully realize his potential until fifteen years later, where he broke hearts and won fans portraying Eric Brady on the NBC daytime drama “Days of Our Lives” (from 1997 to 2000).


      After his preschool foray in to the modeling world, Ackles stayed out of the spotlight until 1995, when he was signed by an agent after being spotted at a Dallas actors’ workshop. His TV acting debut came shortly thereafter, appearing in an episode of the Dallas-lensed PBS series “Wishbone", starring a talking dog who acts out literary classics for kids. After completing high school, Ackles moved to Los Angeles, where he landed a guest role on “Sweet Valley High” (syndicated) and a regular part on the high school-set sitcom “Mr. Rhodes” (NBC, 1996-97).