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Name: Jane Therese Curtin                                                           
Born: 6 September 1947 Wellesley, Massachusetts                                     
Jane Therese Curtin (born on September 6, 1947 in Wellesley, Massachusetts,         
United States) is an Emmy Award (and 8-time Emmy-Award nominee) winning and         
Golden Globe winning American actress and comedienne. Curtin is well known for     
being one of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players. Curtin was also in a Saturday   
Night Live inspired movie, The Coneheads.                                           
She holds an associate degree from Elizabeth Seton Junior College in New York       
City. Curtin lives in Connecticut with her husband, Patrick Lynch. The couple       
have one daughter, Tess Lynch. She has served as a U.S. Committee National         
Ambassador for UNICEF.                                                             
In 1968, Curtin decided to pursue comedy as a career and dropped out of college.   
She joined a comedy group, "The Proposition", and performed with them until 1972.   
She starred in Pretzels, an off-Broadway play written by Curtin and Fred Grandy,   
in 1974.                                                                           
One of the original "Not Ready For Prime Time Players" for NBC's Saturday Night     
Live (1975), Curtin remained on the show through the 1979-1980 season. As she       
was, at the time, a practicing Catholic, she did not participate in SNL's           
notorious backstage party scene.