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    Name: James Merritt Ives                                                             
    Born: 5 March 1824                                                                   
    Died: 3 January 1895                                                                 
    James Merritt Ives (5 March 1824 - 3 January 1895) was a U.S. lithographer with       
    Nathaniel Currier.                                                                   
    After going to work for Currier's firm as bookkeeper in 1850, Ives' skills in         
    business and marketing contributed significantly to the growth of the company.       
    In 1857 he was made a full partner, and the company became known as Currier &         
    Ives. The firm was known for its popular art prints of subjects such as winter       
    scenes, landscapes, sporting events, ships, and icons of 19th century life.           
    These prints are widely sought after by collectors today.