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Henry Simmons portrays Detective Baldwin Jones on the long running series NYPD Blue.


Born and raised on the East Coast, Simmons’ parents instilled a strong sense of family values in their three children. As a child, Simmons excelled in school and in sports, and he developed a passion for classic films that he would often watch with his father. Although he didn’t pursue his interest in acting until he attended college, a seed had been planted.


The talented athlete earned a basketball scholarship and business degree at Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire. While he enjoyed his coursework and loved to play basketball, Simmons also experimented in the college theatre. The positive feedback he received onstage later fueled his desire to pursue an acting career.


Upon graduation, Simmons accepted a position at a Fortune 500 company. After only one week of employment, he realized that he did not fit into the corporate environment and he began to set up auditions in Manhattan during his lunch break. It was not long before Simmons landed his first professional role in the independent film, Tighten Up. Though the film was not theatrically released, Simmons’ acting career started to gain momentum. Shortly thereafter, he was cast in the New Line feature film Above the Rim starring Marlon Wayans and Tupac Shakur. Simmons quit his full time job and moved to New York City to study acting.