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Harbhajan Mann, The current punjabi pop sensation, is one who has seen a meteoric rise on the Indipop charts. And that too with one big, mega, gigantic, colossal, mammoth hit called Oye Hoye. The melliflous track is atop everybodies lips across from Nagaland to Gujrat, Lakshadweep to Leh. Harbhajan is born under the goat sign on 30th December in a small village called Khemuana in Punjab ( India ). And with one mega nationally released album, he has already created a niche in the international music market. It is his versatile singing and understanding of Punjabi Music which gives him an edge in this very cluttered Punjabi pop secnario. Harbhajans no to any kind or violence in his music videos and choice of meaningful lyrics brings out true Indian tradition and culture. Harbhajan started singing in 1977-78,[not including the bathroom singing days here!] but as an amateur , he use to perform in local shows for the Asian community while he was in his school in Canada.And by the way, he landed at ‘Apna canada’ when his sister got married and sponsored his trip there. He did his schooling there as well. But then he thought to take singing professionally and he started to learn music under his first guru Karnail Singh, then under Sheik Hamed and Balbir Singh Bandhu. His first professional break came to him in 1992 while he was still in Canada with the release of Chithiye Nee Chithiye.The track which was a super hit with the target audiences in Punjab and the Punjab of the West- Southhall. Then he realised that the scope for Punjabi vernacular music in Canada was limited, as the audiences were a handful of non resident audiences .Wanting to harness his potential to the maximum he shifted to back to his motherland India and his roots in Punjab. Only to create musical history with the series oh hits like Jag Jeodeyan De Mele Harbhajan prefers to sing in his native language instead of trying out his hands at western influenced music.


Because he says people abroad miss their language, their own culture, their people and their land. So he prefers to address them with Punjabi and numbers like Chithiye Ne. Chithiye or the track Assi Kar Kar Chette, Ek Pal Vi Na Sotte, from the latest hit OYE HOYE which was followed by Lala Lala Lala. Harbhajan believes that songs with good music & meaningful lyrics will always catch the right chord.Harbhajan is the first contemporary artiste to ever move back from a successful venture abroad to India and to compete in a market which is already bursting at its seams. and further more to succeed. The positive attribute about this dapper punjabi is that his lyrics and songs deal with real people and real emotions as he croons to a variety of a cross section. And its about time Harbhajan enjoyed the kiss of fame, he deserves rightly so. He maintained a steady position on the Numero Uno slot of India’s most authentic pop countdown. Indipop 10. And if you’d like to read a review analysis of Oye Hoye, you can reach it from here. So you’d like to sing along to Harbhajans music and croon his melody.


But you dont know how to as the punjabi is hardcore and chaste. Go through the lyrics of his mega hit Oye Hoye and Nachdi Jawaani here. Try your hand at a karaoke lounge as well, for who knows somewhere down the line you might as well be featured in there hallowed portals. Oye Hoye!! Apart from the obvious hits Oye Hoye,Nachdi Jawaani, Cham Cham, Lorian you may also listen to the Heer Ranjha or the awesome Mirza. .


He has already given tremendously successful performance in Canada, U.S.A., U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Norway. Harbhajan is a true Punjabi singer who sings about real people, real emotions and situations who had already captured the million hearts with his mellifluous voice. Harbhajan’s songs appeal to a wide range of audience who appreciate meaningful lyrics combined with a well structured, unique, sound recording. He crosses the boundaries of generations with vocal clarity, combined with strong melodious music. This combination shows Harbhajan to entertain and bring culture to the masses. It is his versatile singing and understanding of Punjabi Music which gives him an edge in this clustered Punjabi pop scenario. Harbhajan’s ‘no’ to any kind or violence in his music videos and choice of meaningful lyrics brings out our true traditions and culture. Harbhajan thanks T- Series, fellow associates and you the fans, for the overwhelming response to Oye-Hoye. …….to all of you just three words to say it all, thanks a million!


His first performance was in Punjab in the year 1992 with the release of his debut album Chithiye Ni Chithiyee, which was a rage throughout Punjab.