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Name: Hank Ketcham                                                                 
Born: 14 March 1920 Ft. Wayne, Indiana                                             
Died: 1 June 2001 Carmel, California                                               
Henry King "Hank" Ketcham (March 14, 1920 - June 1, 2001) was an American         
cartoonist who created the Dennis the Menace comic strip, writing and drawing it   
from 1951 to 1994, when he retired from drawing the daily page and took up         
painting full time in his studio at his home. He received the Reuben Award for     
the strip in 1953. The strip continues today in the hands of other artists.       
Hank Ketcham was born in Seattle, Washington. He was the son of Weaver Vinson     
Ketcham and Virginia King. When he was 6 years old, his father had a guest         
over for dinner who was an illustrator. After dinner, he showed Hank his "magic   
pencil" and drew some illustrations. Hank was immediately hooked and soon his     
father set up a small desk in the closet of his bedroom at which he could draw.