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NAME: Gabriel Byrne
BORN: 12/05/1950
BIRTH PLACE: Dublin, Ireland


The first of six children, Gabriel Byrne was born to a poor Dublin nurse and a barrel-maker, and he had attempted to kill one of his brothers three times before moving to England, aged 12, to become a priest.


Expelled for smoking in a graveyard, he returned to Ireland, studying Archaeology, Languages and Phonetics at University College Dublin.


After short-lived careers as an archaeologist, a bullfighter and a Spanish teacher in an all-girls school, at 29 he turned his mind to acting, when his students asked him to start a drama club with a neighbouring boys school.


After becoming a member of Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, an appearance in the TV Series ‘The Riordans’ led to his own show, ‘Bracken’. Moving to America, he appeared as Christopher Columbus in a TV miniseries.


In 1981, he appeared in the hit film ‘Excalibur’, and went on to appear in films of varying quality throughout the decade. He met his wife, Ellen Barkin, on the set of ‘Siesta’ in 1988.


After starring in The Coen Brothers’ ‘Miller’s Crossing’ in 1990, Byrne had made his name. He enjoyed a productive 1990s, with such films as ‘Little Women’, ‘Dead Man’, ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘The Man In The Iron Mask’.


In 1999, he was seen playing both the devil in ‘End of Days’ and a priest in horror, ‘Stigmata’.


Prolific behind the camera, Byrne has enjoyed success producing ‘Into The West’ and ‘In The Name of the Father’, which was nominated for five Academy Awards.