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A native of Peru, Pilar Wayne is the glamorous and multi-talented widow of John Wayne. A world renowned, versatile artist, Pilar excels with protraiture. Her artwork also includes seascapes, Amazon rain forests, scenes of the American West, her signature portraits of “Duke", her legendary actor husband as well as other celebrities of stage and screen. She also paints on porcelain.


Pilar is also know for her unique interpretations of Western bar and elegant saloon scenes, focusing on a client sometime shown playing poker with Duke, surrounded by favorite movie stars, family member, and of course, cherished pets. Pilar’s works have been displayed throughout the United States, South America, and Paris where American Western art has become very popular. Collectors of her art range from major corporations to Hollywood notables such as Clint Eastwood, Ben Johnson, Rock Hudson, John Travolta, Loretta Lynn, Donald Trump, Marla Maples, Claire Trevor and Duke’s ardent fans.


Art is Pilar’s passion, but she has also written her autobiography, “John Wayne, My Life with the Duke” and two cookbooks. For five years, she was the owner of the Fernleaf Cafe in Newport Beach, California. Pilar is also an interior decorator. She has strong convictions and views on how to approach life, and loves to lecture on how art can enhance anyone’s life. She is a dynamic spiritual artist, author, and mother who confronts each day with a joyful, positive attitude.


Pilar and John Wayne shared 27 years and were blessed with three children, Aissa, Ethan, and Marisa. In November 1998, Pilar married Jesse L. Upchurch, travel industry executive and entrepreneur. He is also a patron and supporter of polo internationally and contributes to the African Fund of endangered wildlife. They divide their time between Fort Worth, Texas and Newport Beach, California