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Edward Walter Furlong was born on August 2, 1977 in Glendale, California. Edward never knew who his father was, and because of his relationship to his mother he had to live with his aunt and uncle in Pasadena. There, in a club, he was discovered by a casting director.


Although his 1991 debut as John Connor in the movie was sensationally succesful (he won the MTV movie award for best breakthrough role and a Saturn SCI-FI award for best young actor), he later commented at an interview, that he wasnt ready for the change in his life, and that sometimes hed wish for a normal life. At the age of 15, he met Jacqueline Domac, 29, who became his fiance and later sued him for “assault” in May 1999. Most recently, hes seen being with Natasha Lyonne, whom he co-starred with in his 1999 movie, Detroit Rock City.


He has also produced a single CD titled “Hold on Tight” in 1992, which was released only in Japan. The same year, he also released an album with the same title, also sold only in Japan. In 1999, he commented about his album, “I dont even have the CD myself, Im so scared of that thing.” Other than the acting and singing, Eddie has also modeled for Calvin Klein in 1996, and for Gap in 1999.