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NAME: David Hasselhoff
BORN: 17/07/1952
BIRTH PLACE: Baltimore, Maryland, USA


David Hasselhoff has one of the most recognised faces on TV throughout the world. David is not only an actor, but a producer, director, singer and broadway star. David first got the acting bug at the age of seven, when he took up singing and acting lessons.


David originally intended to forge a career on the stage, however, he was offered a part on TV as ‘Dr. Snapper Foster’ on the CBS programme ‘The Young and The Restless’. He starred on the programme for six years, becoming one of the most popular day-time television stars, which itself led to a huge fan following.


The desire to move up to prime time led David to take on the role of Michael Knight in the award winning, ‘Knight Rider’. During his four years here, David earned The People’s Choice Award for most popular actor. ‘Knight Rider’ ended in 1986, but its poulaarity continues, and the show still airs repeats in over 80 counties around the world.


The ending of the show meant that David could concentrate pursuing a singing career and, with the help of Jack White, an acclaimed German composer and producer, he recorded his first single, ‘Looking for Freedom’.