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David Blaine (born April 4, 1973) is an American illusionist and stunt performer born in Brooklyn, New York City. He made his name as a performer of close-up magic, usually working on the streets. Amongst magicians this is commonly known as street magic. His act includes a variation of the Balducci levitation illusion and bringing apparently dead flies back to life. This format, recorded by a small camera crew, provided the basis for his breakthrough television special, “David Blaine: Street Magician". He stayed with the format for David Blaine: Magic Man and David Blaine: Mystifier.


He later turned his attention to feats of endurance, including being buried alive for five days and spending 61 hours encased in ice. In 2002 Blaine stood on a tiny platform at the top of a 100 foot high pole in Bryant Park for 35 hours. In 2003 Blaine lived in a transparent Perspex box for 44 days without food.


The show-business press often describe Blaine as a modern day Harry Houdini and indeed Blaine himself has cited Houdini as one of his inspirations.