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Name: Daniel Gillespie Clowes                                                     
Born: April 14, 1961 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.                                       
Daniel Gillespie Clowes (born April 14, 1961 in Chicago, Illinois) is an Academy   
Award-nominated American author, screenwriter and cartoonist of alternative       
comic books. Most of Clowes' work appears first in his ongoing anthology           
Eightball (1989-present), a collection of self-contained narratives and           
serialized graphic novels. Several of these narratives have been collected         
published seperately as graphic novels, most notably Ghost World. With filmmaker   
Terry Zwigoff, Clowes adapted Ghost World into the 2000 film of the same name,     
and also adapted another Eightball story into the 2006 film Art School