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Christian Kane was born in Dallas, Texas, on June 27th, 1974.


Most of his early years were spent moving around a lot in the Southern States, due to his father’s career in the oil business. But soon, Christian and his family settled in the small town of Norman, Oklahoma - where Christian spent most of his formative years. Christian Kane attended the University of Oklahoma, where he majored in Art History. However, he found that his artistic vision and that of the University’s did not jive, and he soon dropped out.


With a new dream Christian Kane said good-bye to University life, packed up his truck, took his life savings - a meager $300 - and headed to Los Angeles, in hopes of kick starting an acting career. Overnight success is not the norm in the acting biz and despite his ample talent, Christian’s career was to be no different. So, Christian Kane paid his bills by working as a production assistant and mailroom clerk for a talent management agency - while barely squeezing time in for auditions.


Christian’s his first big break came in 1997 when he was cast for the lead role in a new TV series.  MGM was trying to re-invent an old show with new faces and talent. In Fame LA, based on the hit movie and the 80s cult show, Christian Kane was cast as Ryan ‘Flyboy’ Legget. Not only did this role allow Christian to showcase his skill as an actor, but his singing talents as well (which he now exercises regularly with his band, Kane). Airing from October 1997 to March 1998, Fame LA did not pull the numbers that MGM hoped for and was cancelled after 22 episodes.


Christian Kane perservered. He jumped back on the proverbial horse, returning to the grueling process of auditioning, and once again, found himself offered yet another male lead in a one hour TV drama. Inspired by the success of such shows as ER and Chicago Hope, media tycoon Aaron Spelling  launched the TV show, Rescue 77, a real-to-life drama about Los Angeles Firefighters, co-starring Christian Kane, Richard Roundtree and Robia La Morte.


Christian Kane’s character was Wick Lobo, a wildly brazen, but heroic character. Unfortunately, this show was not meant to be and suffered the same fate as Fame LA  only quicker. Rescue 77 only lasted two months before being pulled from the WB’s line-up. Despite two cancellations, Christian did not pack up and head back to Oklahoma. Instead,  Christian immediately plunged deeper into auditions. He landed a small part as a production assistant for The Tonight Show in EDTV (starring Matthew McConaughey) as well as a role in Crossfire Trail, a TV western based on a book by author Louis L’Amour, starring Tom Selleck and Wilfred Brimley, which aired on TNT.


Christian Kane auditioned for the role of Riley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer but his friend and fellow actor, Marc Blucas got it instead. Obviously show creator (and all-round creative genius) Joss Whedon thought that Christian Kane had something. He went on to cast Christian as evil lawyer Lindsey McDonald in the Buffy spin-off Angel. The role was only reoccuring (meaning Kane wasn’t a permanent part of the cast,) but it was extremely popular. As Lindsey, Christian Kane was able to show the world how good he is at being bad. It must have paid off because Christian Kane was also cast as a Gretchen’s two-timing ex-boyfriend, Nick Taylor in another WB hit, Dawson’s Creek.


Christian Kane’s career was really starting to take off. He landed another big screen role, although small, in the film Broken Hearts Club. Christian then won the lead in the original MTV movie, Love Song, after Justin Timberlake had to drop out. The network needed someone who could both sing and act. Christian Kane, who is also lead singer in the LA band, Kane, fit the bill.


Premiering on MTV in December, 2000, Love Song was a break-through role for Christian Kane.  It was through his role as blues singer, Billy Ryan, that a more eclectic and demographically larger fan-base was formed. In fact, in the month of December 2000 alone, ChristianKane.Net received over 12,000 hits - with interest in him growing almost on a daily basis.


After being written out of Angel, fans worried they might lose track of the budding superstar, but his big screen career was just taking off. Christian hit the baseball field in 2001 with Summer Catch (co-starring Freddie Prinze Jr.) and again in 2002 in Life or Something Like It as Angelina Jolie’s big league fiance. He has also played  Peter Prentis, Brittany Murphy’s ex-boyfriend in the 2003 release, Just Married. Other film roles include a part in Second Hand Lions and Christian is currently (Dec. ‘03) filming Taxi with Queen Latifah.


In November 2003 Angel fans across North America were pleasantly surprised when Christian Kane showed up on the show once again.