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Chris Tucker was born on the 31 of august in 1972. in Atlanta, Georgia. He has three brothers ans two sisters. during his childhood tucker always enjoyed acting and comedy a whole lot.


Shortly after graduating from highschool, Chris Tucker left his native Atlanta for the comedy clubs of los angeles. Soon he was a regular at L.A’s comedy clubs, which earned him a spot on Russell Simmons’ def comedy jam, which landed him a role as Johnny Booze in House Party 3. Tucker followed that role with one in the Bruce Willis science fiction vehicle, The Fifth Element (1997), In which he played a high-energy 23rd-century talk show host. The freneic funny man {one critic claimed that Tucker could {"make caffeine nervous"}. Chris Tucker was 23 when he played in Friday which was his first big part in a movie that helped him become a big actor.


Recently he played opposite hong kong martial arts star Jackie Chan in Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. {1998-2001} and is slated to appear with Martial Law’s Sammy Hung Kam-Bo in raging silence in {2000}. He also did Friday, starring Ice cube, Dead presidents starring Larenz Tate, Money Talks starring Charlie Sheen and co-starring Heather Locklear. Now that Chris tucker is a lot older he has became a great handsome man with one son Jackie.


During his time with Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker was funny talking and Jackie Chan was funny with motions. The only thing Jackie Chan couldnt do, was dance. So in return Chris Tucker taught Jackie Chan how to dance and Jackie Chan tought Chris Tucker with moves. From here those two made a movie called Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. In the MTV movie awards they got an award.