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Shared a room with Jack Klugman in a New York boarding house in the 1940s.


He has two children with his first wife, Tony and Suzanne. He then married Jill Ireland, who had two sons with her first husband, David McCallum. One adopted son (Jason) died in 1989. He and Ireland had a daughter named Zuleika.


Perhaps the biggest late bloomer in Hollywood history, Bronson never got the marquee treatment he deserved until his late 40s. He was already 53 when Death Wish premiered.


The name Bronson is said to taken from the “Bronson Gate” at Paramount Studios, at the north end of Bronson Avenue.


Spoofed in an episode of “The Simpsons” in which the Simpson family mistakenly travels to Bronson, Missouri, instead of Branson. In Bronson, such lines of dialogue as these are spoken by its citizens: “No dice.” “This ain’t ovah.”