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Birthdate: October 29, 1977
Hometown: New Westminister, BC, Canada


Brendan Fehr’s Canuck Roots
Brendan Fehr was born in New Westminster, British Columbia where he grew up playing sports and goofing around like any other kid. When Brendan Fehr was young, he had a thing for numbers and planned on becoming an accountant when he was older. When Fehr was 12, he and his family moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Brendan Fehr Becomes a Hottie
A few years later, Brendan Fehr started turning into a major hottie and he did some modeling for local print catalogues. When Brendan Fehr was 20, he headed to Vancouver to visit family and check out the local modeling scene. Most agents who met Fehr, thought he was better suited for movies and TV. Within a week, Brendan scored a guest starring role on Breaker High.


Brendan Fehr’s Brush with Aliens & Vampires
Not long after beginning his career in acting, Brendan Fehr scored his big breakthrough role - the part of Michael Guerin on the WB show Roswell. Even though Roswell struggled to get ratings, and ended up jumping networks before getting cancelled for good, a lot of peeps loved the show. Brendan Fehr’s rep as a cute, new, talented actor grew. Fehr scored movie roles in the vampire flick, The Foresaken and the thriller, Final Destination.


Brendan Fehr - Did U Know?
Brendan Fehr orginally auditioned for the role of Max on Roswell.


Brendan Fehr’s fave band is Metallica and his favorite sport is Hockey.


In 2003, Fehr had wrist surgery.


Brendan Fehr has a dog named Wolfman.


Brendan Fehr Says…
“It’s terrible for a person’s psyche to love something so much and not be great at it.” Brendan Fehr talking about his love of hockey.