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Name: Bill Watterson                                                               
Birth name: William B. Watterson II                                                 
Born: 5 July 1958 Washington, D.C.                                                 
William B. "Bill" Watterson II (born July 5, 1958) is an American cartoonist,       
and the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes and select Target: The         
Political Cartoon Quarterly Magazine drawings.                                     
Watterson was born in Washington, D.C., where his father, James G. Watterson,       
worked as a patent examiner while going to George Washington University Law         
School, before becoming a patent attorney in 1960. The family moved to Chagrin     
Falls, Ohio, where his mother Kathryn became a city council member when Bill was   
six years old. He has a younger brother, Thomas, who is currently an English       
teacher at Austin High School in Austin, Texas.