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Benjamin Geza Affleck was born on August 15th, 1972 in Berkeley, California. HisFather works in a Drug rehabilitation hospital in California and his mother is aTeacher in Cambridge. His younger brother (and only sibling), Casey, is also anactor and co-starred with Ben in Good Will Hunting.When Affleck was very young his family relocated to the Boston area. This is wherehe broke into acting. At the age of eight he starred in PBSís marine biology-themed'’The Voyage of the Mimi.'’ He also struck up a friendship with Matt Damon, a boy twoyears older than himself who lived down the street.After Graduating high school the young Affleck dabbled in higher education at boththe University of Vermont and Californiaís Occidental College. He found it all toorestricting and opted to give Hollywood a try. He landed parts in made-for-TV moviesand had a small role in ‘’School Ties'’ in 1992 which also featured Matt Damon. Benfollowed with work in ‘’Dazed and Confused'’ (1993), and ‘’Mallrats'’ in 1995.


Affleck began feeling frustrated with the lack of substantial roles he found inTinseltown. He received a phone call from long time friend Matt Damon. Damonwanted Ben to help him work on a screen play he had started while at Harvard.Affleck agreed and together they came up with a brilliant story that featured them inthe lead characters. However, it was Afflecks brother, Casey, who introduced the pairto director Gus Van Sant. Van Sant had directed Casey in ‘’To Die For.'’ Thanks toVan Santís interest the script was picked up by Miramax and in 1997 ‘’Good WillHunting'’ was realized.The movie was a huge success and so were Affleck and Damon. They won theOscar for Best Original Screenplay. Ben became one of Hollywoods most promisingyoung men. He also gained a lot of attention for his ongoing relationship with GwynethPaltrow.


He continued to keep busy with enormous success in Oscar winner ‘’Shakespeare inLove'’ starring Gwyneth Paltrow and the block buster ‘’Armegedon'’ (1999) oppositeLiv Tyler and Bruce Willis. He has continued with a dizzying pace, appearing in'’Forces of Nature,'’ ‘’Boiler Room,'’ ‘’Daddy and Them'’, and reuniting with Damon in'’Dogma.'’You can currently catch him in ‘’Deception'’ co-staring Charlize Theron, as an ex-contrying to mend his ways. He has also tried his hand at directing a short feature with theprovocative title I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meathook, and Now I havea Three-Picture Deal at Disney.