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  Name: Alan E. Cober                                                                   
  Born: 18 March 1935                                                                   
  Died: 17 January 1998                                                                 
  Alan E. Cober (1935-1998) was an illustrator. His artwork appeared in The New         
  York Times, Life, and Time. He also illustrated a series of children's books,         
  called Cober's Animals. His book, The Forgotten Society (1975),  portrays             
  the situation of people in retirement homes, mental institutions, and prisons.         
  His  pen and ink  drawings  appeared  in  a  number  of  national  newspapers         
  and magazines, including Esquire, Rolling  Stone, The Atlantic  Monthly, Time, Newsweek,
  Life, Look, and the New York Times.