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Adam Michael Goldstein (born March 30, 1973) is better known as club  disc jockey DJ AM. He is known for his previous high profile  relationship with Nicole Richie.  After gastric bypass surgery, Goldstein dated socialite and reality TV  star Nicole Richie. They were engaged on her birthday, September 21,  2004. The engagement was announced in early 2005.


On December 7th,  2005, both he and Nicole called off the engagement. Goldstein and  singer/actess Mandy Moore were pictured kissing and walking together  multiple times, however they broke off the relationship in March  2007. Adam Goldstein recently stopped dating Canadian supermodel  Jessica Stam.  Goldstein was also former member of the rock band, Crazy Town, known  for their hit, “Butterfly". 


He has also scratched on albums for Papa Roach, Madonna, Will Smith and  Shifty. He has played private events for celebs like Jim Carrey,  Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Stiller, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton  Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Kate Hudson.  Goldstein admitted to past  weight problems that ended with gastric bypass surgery. He has  maintained his current weight for over two years and had surgery last  year to get rid of some of the extra skin.  He has recently collaborated with Travis Barker of blink-182 and Plus  44 in several performances. 


He is an owner of the popular club LAX and spins there on Sunday  evenings.  DJ AM is also an avid `sneakerhead` and collects a variety of athletic  shoes, the majority of which are by Nike. His collection of over 600  shoes, includes a pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes that were created  specifically for him, with his DJ AM logo appearing on the shoe itself.  He is currently dating international supermodel, Jessica Stam.