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Name: Pretty Ricky                                                                       
Also known as The Maverix, Bluestars                                                     
Origin: Miami, Florida, USA                                                               
Pretty Ricky is an American R&B/hip-hop group made up of brothers Diamond Blue "Baby     
Blue" Smith, Spectacular Blue Smith, and Tavion La'Corey "Slick'Em" Mathis,               
and now former member of the group Marcus Ramone "Pleasure" Cooper. They are             
notable for releasing several popular singles, such as "Grind With Me", "Your             
Body", "Juicy", "Nothing But A Number", "On the Hotline", "Push It Baby", and "Love       
Like Honey. The group exploded in the music industry back in 1997, following the         
footsteps from their father, Joseph "Bluestar" Smith, and continue to have               
The debut album of Pretty Ricky, Bluestars, was released on May 23, 2005 and             
features the hit U.S. top ten single, "Grind With Me". The group also                     
collaborated with rapper Pitbull on the song "Everybody Get Up".                         
The next two singles from Bluestars were "Your Body" and "Juicy". Later, their           
fourth single "Nothing But A Number" was released, but like "Juicy," a video was         
never made. In 2005, Pretty Ricky joined Bow Wow and Omarion, on the Scream 4             
Tour. Once again in 2006, Pretty Ricky joined the Scream 5 Tour roster along             
with headliners Ne-Yo and Omarion.                                                       
Pretty Ricky then released their second album, Late Night Special, on January 23,         
2007. The first single released from this album was "On the Hotline" originally           
featuring a local artist named Andre Jones who grew up in Westland, Michigan.             
Pretty Ricky followed up their single "On the Hotline" with an actual Bluestars           
Hotline. The second album single, "Push It Baby", has also been                           
released. The video for this single included winning contest entry dances from a         
promotional contest held on YouTube.                                                     
Pretty Ricky was featured in Spring Bling '07, an annual event on the BET                 
television network. The group has developed a Pretty Clothing Line, which is             
featured in the first three music videos for the singles "On the Hotline", "Push         
It Baby" and "Love Like Honey". The group is currently touring on their Late             
Night Special Tour, which features artist on their recording label, Bluestar             
Pretty Ricky was nominated for "Best Group" for the BET Awards '07; They also             
won the BET award for "Best Costumes" in a Video. Being classified as the #1             
GROUP in the world, they were featured as performers in My Super Sweet 16: The           
Movie. All other artist performed on season episodes.                                     
On August 9, 2007, they released a music video for "Love Like Honey" on BET's             
video premier show Access Granted.                                                       
In recent months, rumors have circulated stating that Pretty Ricky were breaking         
up. These rumors have finally been addressed at the BET 2007 Hip-Hop Awards when         
member Pleasure confirmed he is no longer with Pretty Ricky and is now a solo             
artist. He also added that he wished the best of luck to the rest of the group.           
Pleasure confirmed the break on his MySpace page. He wrote, in part, "I love             
each and every one of my fans and I would never do anything to upset y'all and           
disappoint y'all. I want to apoligoize to all of my Baltimore fans. I want to             
say that is true that I have been replaced by someone else in the group Pretty           
Ricky, so if you see the group onstage it's not me but another person. I love my         
brothers and I will always love them. We have no beef but I feel it's time for           
me to give y'all what y'al have been waiting for - an R&B album."