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Name: Pete Townshend                                                               
Birth name: Peter Denis Blandford Townshend                                         
Born: 19 May 1945 London, England                                                   
Pete Townshend (born Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend on 19 May 1945 in Chiswick,   
London), is an award-winning English rock guitarist, singer, songwriter,           
composer, and writer.                                                               
Townshend made his name as the guitarist and principal songwriter for rock band     
The Who. His career with them spans more than 40 years, during which time the       
band grew to be considered one of the greatest and most influential rock           
bands of all time, in addition to being "possibly the greatest live band ever."     
Townshend is the primary songwriter for the group, writing over 100 songs on the   
band's eleven studio albums, including the rock operas Tommy and Quadrophenia,     
plus dozens of additional songs that appeared as non-album singles, bonus tracks   
on reissues, and tracks on rarities compilations such as Odds and Sods. Although   
known mainly for being a guitarist, he is also an accomplished singer and           
keyboard player, and has played many other instruments on his solo albums, and     
on some Who albums (such as banjo, bass guitar, drums).                             
Townshend has also written newspaper and magazine articles, book reviews, essays,   
books, and scripts.