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Name: Ozzy Osbourne                                                                 
Birth name: John Michael Osbourne                                                   
Born: 3 December 1948 Aston, Birmingham, West Midlands, England                     
John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne (born December 3, 1948) is the lead vocalist of the     
pioneering English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, a successful solo artist and     
the star of the reality show, The Osbournes. In addition to lead vocals with         
Black Sabbath, Osbourne also plays the harmonica, and synthesizer.                   
Osbourne was born in Aston, part of the city of Birmingham, England, where he       
spent most of his early life. Osbourne reportedly suffered from learning             
difficulties (claimed to be dyslexic) making school life difficult.                 
Ozzy Osbourne would later form a band with former classmate Tony Iommi and           
audition for lead singer. During this time psychedelic rock was enormously           
popular. To distinguish themselves from the norm, Iommi and his partners decided     
to play a heavy blues inspired style of music laced with gloomy lyrics. Names       
for the band included Polka Tulk and Earth. One day during rehearsals, the band     
noticed people queuing up outside a cinema where a horror film was being shown,     
and bassist Geezer Butler observed how curious it is that people like to be         
frightened. The film these fellows were waiting to see was the Mario Bava           
directed 'Black Sabbath'. After reading an occult book that Osbourne had let         
Butler borrow, Butler had a dream of a dark figure at the end of his bed.           
Afterwards, Butler wrote the lyrics to "Black Sabbath", one of their first songs,   
in a darker vein. It was the prototype of the songs that became their main style     
later in their career.