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Name: Oscar Peterson                                                                 
Birth name: Oscar Emmanuel Peterson                                                   
Born: 15 August 1925 Montreal, Quebec, Canada                                         
Died: 23 December 2007 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada                                   
Genre: Jazz                                                                           
Occupation(s): Pianist, composer                                                     
Instrument: Piano                                                                     
Oscar Emmanuel Peterson, CC, CQ, O.Ont. (15 August 1925 - 23 December 2007)           
was a Canadian jazz pianist, vocalist and composer cultural icon. He was             
called the "Maharaja of the keyboard" by Duke Ellington, "O.P." by his friends,       
and was a member of jazz royalty. He released over 200 recordings, won seven         
Grammy Awards, and received other numerous awards and honours over the course of     
his career. He is considered to have been one of the greatest pianists of all         
time, who played thousands of live concerts to audiences worldwide in a               
career lasting more than 65 years.