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Name: Noel Hogan                                                                   
Born: 25 December 1971                                                             
Noel Hogan (born Noel Anthony Hogan, 25 December 1971, Moyross, Limerick,           
Ireland) is the guitarist and co-songwriter of The Cranberries.                     
Hogan's self-titled solo album, under the pseudonym 'Mono Band', was released on   
20 May 2005, in Ireland. The lead double single was "Waves" and "Brighter Sky".     
"Waves" featured the vocals of Richard Walters, and the single version of "Brighter 
Sky" was a Steve Hillier remix.                                                     
The album's creation started in the summer of 2003. Hogan produced two songs       
together with programmer Matt Vaughan, who also did work on four unreleased         
Cranberries songs and Dolores O'Riordan's solo material.                           
Hogan self-produced several collaborations with singers such as Richard Walters,   
Alexandra Hamnede, and Kate Kobro, together with Cranberries veteran producer       
Stephen Street, to compile a mix of eleven tracks.