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Name: Nanci Griffith                                                               
Birth name: Nanci Caroline Griffith                                               
Born: 6 July 1953                                                                 
Nanci Caroline Griffith, (born July 6, 1953 in Seguin, Texas) is an American       
singer, guitarist and songwriter from Austin, Texas.                               
Griffith's career has spanned a variety of musical genres, predominantly country, 
folk, and what she terms "folkabilly." Griffith won a Grammy Award for Best       
Contemporary Folk Album in 1994 for her recording, Other Voices, Other Rooms.     
This album features Griffith covering the songs of artists who are her major       
influences. Her best-known song is "From a Distance" by Julie Gold, although       
Bette Midler's version achieved greater commercial success. Similarly, other       
artists have occasionally achieved greater success with Griffith's songs than     
Griffith herself. For example, Kathy Mattea had a country music top five hit       
with a 1986 cover of Griffith's "Love at the Five and Dime," and Suzy Bogguss     
had one of her largest hits with Griffith's and Tom Russell's "Outbound Plane."   
Griffith was married to singer-songwriter Eric Taylor from 1976 to 1982. In the   
early 1990s, she was engaged to singer-songwriter Tom Kimmel, but the couple       
parted before marrying. Griffith is a survivor of breast cancer which was         
diagnosed in 1996, and thyroid cancer in 1998.                                     
Griffith has in recent years toured with various other artists including Buddy     
Holly's band, The Crickets, John Prine, Iris DeMent, Suzy Bogguss and Judy         
Collins. Griffith has recorded duets with many artists, among them Don McLean,     
Jimmy Buffett, Willie Nelson, Adam Duritz (Singer of Counting Crows), and Darius   
Rucker (Singer of Hootie & the Blowfish). She has also contributed background     
vocals on many other recordings. She is particularly popular in Ireland,           
and has recorded with The Chieftains.