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Name: Michael Anthony                                                                 
Also known as Michael Anthony Sobolewski                                             
Born: 20 June 1954 Chicago, Illinois                                                 
Michael Anthony Sobolewski (born June 20, 1954) is an American musician. He is       
best known as the former bassist and a founding member of the hard rock band Van     
Halen. Anthony joined the band in 1974 and was their official recording and           
performing bassist for most of their career until he was replaced by Wolfgang         
Van Halen, son of fellow founding member Eddie Van Halen, after the band's 2004       
Anthony is known for his stage antics, his effects-laden live solos, and his         
number of custom-made bass guitars including a Jack Daniel's model shaped like a     
whiskey bottle. He also has a signature Yamaha bass guitar series. In total,         
Anthony is known to have in excess of 150 bass guitars. In addition to his           
musical career with Van Halen and other acts, Anthony markets a line of hot           
sauces and related products named Mad Anthony.                                       
Anthony has been married to his wife Sue since 1981 and they have two daughters:     
Taylor (born 1991) and Elisha (born 1985). Anthony now lives in Glendora,             
California and can be frequently seen driving his prized hot rods.