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Name: Melissa Etheridge                                                               
Birth name: Melissa Lou Etheridge                                                     
Born: 29 May 1961 Leavenworth, Kansas                                                 
Melissa Lou Etheridge (born May 29, 1961, in Leavenworth, Kansas) is an Academy       
Award-winning and two-time Grammy Award-winning American rock singer-songwriter       
and musician.                                                                         
Etheridge has released ten albums since signing her first major recording             
contract in 1987. Three of them have gone multi-platinum: Melissa Etheridge (1988),   
Yes I Am (1993) and Your Little Secret (1995). Two others went platinum and two       
more gold.                                                                           
Etheridge is a Bruce Springsteen fan, and she has covered his songs "Thunder         
Road" and "Born to Run" during live shows. She is also a fan of the Dave             
Matthews Band and has expressed interest in collaborating with them.                 
In October 2004, Melissa Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the 2005     
Grammy Awards, she made a return to the stage and, although bald from                 
chemotherapy, performed a tribute to Janis Joplin with the song Piece of My           
Heart. Etheridge was praised for her performance, which was considered one of         
the highlights of the show. Etheridge's bravery was lauded in song in India.Arie's   
"I Am Not My Hair."                                                                   
On September 10, 2005, Etheridge participated in ReAct Now: Music & Relief, a         
telethon in support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. ReAct Now: Music &         
Relief, part of an ongoing effort by MTV, VH1, CMT, seeks to raise funds for the     
American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and America's Second Harvest. Etheridge       
introduced a new song specially written for the occasion called "Four Days." The     
a cappella song included themes and images that were on the news during the           
aftermath of the hurricane. Other charities she supports include the Dream           
Foundation and Love Our Children USA.                                                 
On November 15, 2005, Etheridge appeared on the Tonight Show to perform her song     
"I Run For Life", which references her own fight with breast cancer and her           
determination to overcome it, as well as encourages other breast cancer               
survivors and their families. After her performance, Jay Leno told her, "Thanks       
for being a fighter, kiddo."                                                         
Etheridge wrote the song "I Need To Wake Up" for the documentary An Inconvenient     
Truth. The song was released only on the enhanced version of her greatest hits       
album, The Road Less Traveled.                                                       
On 7 July 2007 Etheridge performed at Giants Stadium at the American leg of Live     
Earth. Etheridge performed the songs "Imagine That" and "What Happens Tomorrow"       
from The Awakening, Etheridge's tenth album, released on September 25, 2007. On       
December 11 2007, she performed on the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway     
together with a variety of artists, which was broadcast live to over 100