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Name: Matt Malley                                                                       
Born: 4 July 1963                                                                       
Matt Malley (born Matthew Mark Malley, 4 July 1963, Oakland, California) is an         
Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe nominated songwriter, and he is most recognized         
for being a founding member and bass player for the rock band, Counting Crows.         
In December of 2004, following the band's Hard Candy tour, Malley left the group.       
He has been following Sahaja Yoga Meditation, a new religious movement, since           
1987 - long before co-founding Counting Crows.                                         
He is presently learning North Indian, or Hindustani Classical Music on the             
Indian Slide Guitar, or "Mohan Veena", (see,
and is a student of fellow Grammy winner Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.