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Name: Percy Miller                                                                   
Born: 29 April 1967 New Orleans, LouisianaRichmond, California                       
Percy Miller (born April 29, 1967), better known as Master P, (P. Miller, The       
Ice Cream Man) is an American rapper. He is the founder and CEO of No Limit         
Enterprises, an entertainment and financial conglomerate.                           
Master P was born in New Orleans, the oldest of five kids. After the death of       
his brother, Kevin, and with some junior college business courses to his credit,     
Master P moved to Richmond, California and opened a small record store, No Limit     
Records, financing the store with money that he received as part of a medical       
malpractice settlement related to the death of his grandfather.                     
In the early 1990s, Brotha Lynch Hung met long time friend and fellow rapper         
Master P while Master P was living in the Bay Area. They released many               
collaborations, the first being on the album Master P Presents...West Coast Bad     
Boyz II with the track Datz What I Said from Lynch's own album Loaded. Master P     
has won 5 grammy awards for the songs Make Em Say Ughh                               
Master P later formed hard-core rap group TRU with his two brothers Silkk The       
Shocker and C-Murder. Master P left In-A-Minute records shortly after releasing     
his debut album and formed his own label No Limit Records. With Master P as its     
premier artist, No Limit Records went on to release many albums from artists         
such as Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Mia X, Mercedes, Soulja Slim, and Miller's             
siblings Silkk Tha Shocker and C-Murder and son Lil Romeo. He started a new         
label The New No Limit records, but released far fewer records than his previous     
label. In 2005, Master P started a new label called Guttar Music Entertainment.     
After working in music industry as a retailer, Master P became an entertainer,       
as well as owning his own record company. No Limit Records, the retail store,       
became No Limit, the record company. In 1994, he self-produced his first album,     
The Ghetto's Tryin' to Kill Me.                                                     
After selling millions of records, he decided to sign his company, No Limit         
Records, to a straight pressing and distribution deal with Priority Records. The     
deal was solidified with Priority in 1995, No Limit Records released TRU (made       
up of Master P and his brothers, Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder).                   
His first feature film, 'I'm Bout It', a straight to video project debuted           
number one on Billboard's Top Music Video chart. The film is allegedly based         
loosely on his life growing up in New Orleans. The soundtrack debuted number one     
on Billboard's R&B album chart and number four on Billboard's Top 200. The           
book is scheduled for a September 2007 publication date, under the banner of         
Kensington Publishing Corporation. In recent news, he will be on Twiztid's Toxic     
Terror Tour EP where the track that "wasn't good enough for Independents Day"       
will be "touched up" for this EP. is one of the best rapper of the 1990 and         
the 21st cenutry