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Name: LeAnn Rimes                                                                   
Birth name: Margaret LeAnn Rimes                                                   
Born: 28 August 1982 Pearl, Mississippi, U.S.                                       
Margaret LeAnn Rimes (born August 28, 1982 in Jackson, Mississippi) is an           
American country music and pop singer and occasional songwriter. Rimes's debut     
single, "Blue", was released when she was only 13 years old, and by age 24 she     
had sold over 37 million albums. She has won an American Music Award, two Grammy   
Awards, three Academy of Country Music Awards, and twelve Billboard Music Awards.   
She holds four important records in the music industry: She is the current         
youngest person to win a Grammy and the first country artist to win the Grammy     
for Best New Artist. Her version of "How Do I Live" is currently the longest       
charting song on the U.S. Hot 100 at 69 weeks; this was the first multi-platinum   
country single selling over 3 million copies.                                       
LeAnn Rimes is one of the youngest country music vocalists ever to come to fame.   
She is often compared to other previous teen stars, like Brenda Lee and Tanya       
Tucker. Unlike most other child stars, Rimes has remained successful in music in   
adulthood, recording various kinds of music, including rhythm and blues and pop