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Name: Junior Kimbrough                                                             
Born: 28 July 1930                                                                 
Died: 17 January 1998                                                             
Junior Kimbrough (born David Kimbrough in Hudsonville, Mississippi, July 28,     
1930; d. Holly Springs, Mississippi, January 17, 1998) was a prominent bluesman   
from Mississippi.                                                                 
Kimbrough lived in the North Mississippi Hill Country around Holly Springs. He     
recorded for the Fat Possum Records label. He was a long-time associate of         
labelmate RL Burnside, and the Burnside and Kimbrough families often               
collaborated on musical projects. This relationship continues today.               
Beginning around 1992, Kimbrough operated a juke joint known as "Junior's Place"   
in Chulahoma, Mississippi, which attracted visitors from around the world,         
including members of U2 and The Rolling Stones. Kimbrough's sons, musicians       
Kinney and David Malone Kimbrough (two of Junior's rumored to be twenty-eight     
children), kept it open following his death, until it burned to the ground on     
April 6, 2000.                                                                     
Junior Kimbrough died in 1998 following a stroke.