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Name: John Lydon                                                                     
Birth name: John Joseph Lydon                                                       
Also known as Johnny Rotten                                                         
Born: 31 January 1956 London, England                                               
John Joseph Lydon (born 31 January 1956), also known as Johnny Rotten, is an         
English rock musician. He is the lead vocalist for the punk rock group Sex           
Pistols and Public Image Ltd. With his sarcastic and provocative public             
personality, he participated in laying down a new template for rebellious youth     
and band frontmen. His musical innovations have also been influential.               
He is married to Nora Forster. They have no children together, but Lydon is         
stepfather of Forster's daughter, Ari Up, who herself had been the lead singer       
in the influential all-female postpunk, dub reggae band, The Slits. He currently     
lives in Los Angeles.