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Name: Jerry Cantrell                                                                   
Born: 18 March 1966 Tacoma, Washington                                                 
Genre(s): Heavy metal, Grunge                                                           
Occupation(s): Musician, Actor                                                         
Instrument(s): Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Clavinet, Keyboards, Steel drums           
Years active 1987 - present                                                             
Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr. (born March 18, 1966, Tacoma, Washington) is an               
American guitarist, singer, and songwriter best known for his work with the rock       
band Alice in Chains, as guitarist and co-lyricist. He performs lead vocals on         
his solo projects, and was part of Alice in Chains' distinctive harmonizing dual-vocal 
style. He currently resides in Los Angeles and spends time on his family ranch         
in Oklahoma.                                                                           
His biggest musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, Heart, Black Sabbath, and